About Your Property Values:

“Updating doesn’t cost. It pays for itself!”

It is of the utmost importance in today’s most competitive Real Estate Market to keep your property updated. Homes that are kept updated and are current with today’s decorating trends sell faster. According to Yahoo Finance, kitchen updating is the #1 home improvement for return on investment. Today’s home buyers are more informed than ever. Television shows such as HGTV, Fine Living and Flip That House have made today’s consumers very sophisticated and knowledgeable regarding today’s decorating trends. Granite countertops have become expected in today’s kitchens. In other words, granite has become “the norm”. Laminate is a product of the past. Professional associations dealing with home remodeling suggest a 94% return of dollar investment applies to all kitchen improvements. Homebuyers “buy with their eyes!” It must be factored in as well that having a house remain on the market month after month is costly in itself. The object is to never be in a position of making double house payments. 

Realtors believe in keeping property updated doing a few improvements each year. That way you can enjoy your gorgeous updates and know your home will be well prepared if you decide to put your home on the market. Sometimes moves come unexpectedly. Please know that Real Estate agents are proud to show their clients homes featuring updated kitchens rather than explain what updates they could do once the home is purchased. Please know that updates such as kitchen countertops are mentioned in the Multiple Listing Service comments and are clearly visible online in the virtual tour shots. Many Realtors and Interior Designers strongly suggest adding granite countertops and building the cost into your initial list price. Although there are never any guarantees in today’s real estate market, adding gorgeous granite to your kitchen will help you get top dollar in today’s very competitive Real Estate market.